Law Firm L.L.C  „ LIGJI“


Based on Law no. 02/L-123, "On Business Organization and Article 33 and Agreement on the Establishment of Limited Liability Company,established a Limited Liability Law Firm “Ligji ”LLC which performs the function of, legal advice, consultancy, expertise in the field of legislation and obtained representation, mediation in civil law, administrative, contractual, banking, commercial dispute resolution, civil, corporate, privatization, energy, concessions , sports financial institutions, copyrights, insurance, property rights, taxes, planning the restructuring of companies, tourism, intellectual property (trademarks and patents, telecommunications and media, non-profit organizations, electoral processes Law Firm “Ligji” LLC also deal with training in the field of legislation as it constitutes a network of professionals in various areas like are, legal, financial, aviation procurement, customs etc. Law Firm “ Ligji” LLC is in contact with the Civil Rights Program - South (CRP) Civil Project for Civil Rights in Kosovo to establish cooperation in the field of legislation. Offering consulting services and expertise and training to governmental and non governmental organizations and enterprises that are central areas Law Firm “Ligji” LLC, which we can offer with professionalism, since the company has and intend to have international cooperator member, consultants in the field of international law, and property law corporate law , privatization arbitration etc. Law Firm “Ligji” LLC, carries legal activities, business that are commercially related to legal issues, without being limited to the above mentioned activities.

  • Employment Promotion Agency in Kosovome

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